5 Tactics Used By Elite Bloggers That You Should Embrace

Successful bloggers often implement the best content marketing efforts to stay ahead of their competitors.

The world of blogging requires series of effective habits that will let your site or blog rank better on search engines. In return, you will enjoy hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors heading straight to your blog. It’s what every blogger aspires for – to increase their web traffic and reach as many users as possible.

You know what? I decided to carry out a thorough research on these leading bloggers and I managed to identify effective content marketing tactics that they often implement. These tactics make them enjoy massive web traffic of more than 100,000 monthly visitors.

I bet you are wondering how you can achieve the same results. Here are 5 blogging habits that you can implement to improve your blogging skills and reach more users on the web.

   1. Write At Least 700 words Per Day

Yes, you heard me right. And if you will agree with me – practice makes perfect. Forcing yourself to write at least 700 words per day will put you on the momentum to keep on writing and with time, you will polish your writing skills.

In addition, you will discover your voice and how to connect with your readers. I use this tactic every day and I must admit that it has helped me improve my writing skills. Now, I can easily write o any topic I set myself to write about. It comes in easily and the ideas flow smoothly as I jot down the words.

Guess why? That’s simply because I have made it a habit of writing at least 700 words on a daily basis. It doesn’t matter whether I wake up feeling tired or energized. All I know is that I have to write at least 700 words before the day ends. Trust me, nothing comes easy – you have to put in the work.

Writing at least 700 words daily will give you almost 5,000 words at the end of the week. Increase the number of words as you gain more writing skills. This way, you will be on your way to writing lengthy and high-quality blog posts.

Without this tactic, I simply wouldn’t be able to write books, create training courses, or write lengthy blog posts.

I am challenging you to write at least 700 words per day even if you are short of time. Plus, writing valuable content every day will naturally make you a better writer.

   2. Only Write after Conducting Research for Every Idea

You should conduct a thorough research for every blog post you plan to write. Conducting research for every piece you write will help you get long-term web traffic.

I just discovered that my traffic has gone up after I started conducting research for my blog posts. People want content with value and supporting data.

You won’t believe me if you I told you how many hours it takes successful bloggers to research just one great blog post. Trust me, carrying out research and linking your blog post with a valuable content helps build trust between you and your readers.

In the long run, you will get more search engine traffic because your readers are getting higher quality content and they are more likely to share your blog post. There are many benefits that come with linking your article to others from your blog.

You can consider making your content strong by linking it to other relevant blog posts. Regardless of whether the links lead to someone else’s content (external links) or your own content (internal links), your blog will still grow and become stronger.

Search engines will rank your blog above others because they know that your blog has authority, thanks to external links to high-authority sites.

You can consider using leading content research tools for your content research.

   3. Expand Your Content By Asking Relevant Questions

Asking questions has been my stepping stone whenever I get stuck on any topic along the way. When I was getting started with writing, I used to get stuck when I reached around 700 words but not anymore. Before I tell you what I did differently, let me discuss some of the things that make you excel as a blogger.

Well, asking yourself relevant questions about what you are about to write is key to writing an engaging blog post.

Before writing this blog post, I asked myself all the questions that the reader would want to know about the topic. You just need to put yourself in the reader’s shoes and come up with a clear outline of the blog.

Assume that you are the reader and you would want to learn as much as possible from the blog. That way, you will easily learn to address the needs of your readers. Yes, it’s that simple. But remember – the questions have to be relevant.

   4. Implement Effective Content Marketing Strategies

Successful bloggers know that it doesn’t end with writing the content alone. There is more work to be done after writing your blog post. You have to learn how to market your content to reach the right audience.

Professional bloggers use 20 percent of their time for creating content and the other 80 percent for marketing the content.

Hence, if it takes you two hours to write a blog post, you should spend eight more hours marketing the content. In other words, your marketing time should be eight times more than the time you spend writing content.

Remember, you are creating a content brand and not just creating content. You need to implement effective content marketing strategies in order to make your content viral.

There is too much competition on the web; hence you need to write a bunch of epic blog posts. How you market your content is what will determine whether you get many readers or not.

Have you ever asked yourself how you found yourself on a great blog? Well, it’s because the blogger went ahead to implement effective marketing strategies to reach more readers.

You don’t have to use lots of money in order to market your blog. Instead, you can choose cheaper alternatives like reaching out to readers on other blogs through guest blogging.

Guest blogging is one of the most effective ways to market your blog and grow your email list. Here are some of the benefits that come with guest blogging:

  • It helps you become a better writer

Guest blogging will keep you writing more often hence with time, you will have gained lots of writing skills.

  • It allows you to receive free coaching from elite bloggers

When you post your blog on other people’s sites, they feel the urge to correct whenever you go wrong. This way, you learn how to overcome barriers in the blogging industry.

  • It builds backlinks

Guest posts help in building backlinks from other blogs to your site. Professional bloggers know the importance of backlinks. They need them to improve their blogs’ visibility and standing in search engines.

  • It builds authenticity through association

The moment an elite blogger introduces you to their audience, then that shows they have confidence in your work. If the host blogger has managed to earn credibility and reputation from their readers, then they will automatically share the benefits with you.

Sounds great, right?

However, don’t take the honor and responsibility of this approval lightly. Emulate what your host blogger does and try as much as possible to submit blogs within their standards.

You will be shocked to realize the power of guest posting.

  • It will automatically boost your traffic

Guest blogging means that you post to other readers on other people’s blogs. This further entails that your blog will gain new readers and your subscription base will improve in the long run.

   5. Read Other Leading Blogs In Your Niche


You can learn a lot of things when you make it a priority to read other people’s blogs in your industry. I just found out that successful bloggers make it a habit of reading other people’s blogs. Yes, they do.

You can easily tell this when you read their blog posts. They carry out research mostly by reading other people’s blogs. For example, I regularly read Neil Patel’s blog to stay updated with trending and effective digital marketing strategies.

Neil Patel is one of the key influencers in digital marketing and blogging industry.

You can go ahead and check blogs written by leaders in your chosen industry or niche.

Personally, I have made it a habit of reading other people’s blogs for at least 45 minutes every day. As I read, I take notes of new things that I learn from their content. And you have every reason to do the same.

In Conclusion

Elite bloggers spend most of their time polishing and working on their own blogs. They treat their blogging like a full-time job and every day, they strive to improve their brand.

Please take note that you don’t have to do all the above tactics at once. You can always start small as you advance to the most effective tactics.

I believe that everyone has a gift and a potential in them that needs to be triggered. You can only do that when you start working on your blog by implementing the above tactics.

Take action today and let your blog stand out in every aspect. Strive to be among the leading bloggers in your niche.

With time, all the above tactics will become easier as you implement them one by one.

It’s your turn – take action!

Happy blogging and much love!