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A Great Writer Should Have These 7 Skills

It’s true that anyone can write, but only a few can be identified as great writers. It takes practice and perseverance to become a good writer. To me, a good writer should possess the following skills:

Qualities of A Great Writer

 1. Professionalism

Great writers always embrace professionalism in their writing. That means the writer should be familiarized with every aspect of writing and should take his or her work seriously. In addition, they should understand their audience and provide them with high-quality content.

 2. Self-motivation

Writing can sometimes be challenging, hence a great writer needs self-motivation to overcome barriers. Writers can easily tackle mental blocks and come up with awesome ideas when they have self-motivation.

 3. Creativity

Great writers should be creative when writing. They should have great imaginations that lead to interesting and informative content. They should write in an engaging way while providing valuable information to their readers. Creativity is one of the most important qualities of an effective writer.

 4. Love of words

A good writer should be familiarized with new vocabularies. They should understand their correct meaning and know the appropriate time to use them. The words that a writer decides to use determine how the content impacts the readers.

 5. Loves writing

A great writer should write more often and consistently. Practice makes perfect and there is no doubt that passion for writing leads to interesting stories. Also, writers get the chance to learn new skills when they write consistently and passionately.

 6. Reading

Good writers read regularly to gain valuable ideas and skills. Authors hide awesome ideas in the books they write. Reading widely helps writers get familiarized with various topics and trending issues.

 7. Observing/Listening

A great writer knows how to observe the surrounding and identify things that others can’t see easily. You need to carry out adequate research in order to be a good observer. Listen to what your readers want to learn and look for solutions to their problems. In addition, you should have good listening skills.


Conclusively, a good writer observes things from a sober mind and always question the impossible.