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How to Leverage Social Momentum for Your Business Growth

Nowadays, growing a business entails a lot. While every business wishes to thrive in their given industry, increasingly producing unrealistic gains prevents most of them from building the kind of sustainable and reliable growth that successful businesses depend on.

As an entrepreneur, you should implement effective and genuine social media marketing tactics that will eventually take your business to the next level. Regardless of the social platform you choose, ensure that you don’t move too quickly. Instead, focus on building loyalty with your audience first. Provide them with valuable content that effectively addresses their needs.

On the other hand, you shouldn’t take too long to provide your audience with fresh content because this may cause follower fatigue.

First, you should establish your main delivery social platform and determine a perfect budget that suits your business accordingly.

Below, I have outlined four tips that will help you leverage social momentum for your business success:

1. Utilize paid advertising opportunities

Initially, people thought that social media was great for free marketing but the fact is the other way round. In this new era, businesses should utilize paid social media ads to reach the right target audience. That way, they will easily send their message to the right audience.

Almost every social media channel offer paid advertising packages and it’s upon you to choose the plan that perfectly suits your business. Some of the best social platforms that offer paid ads include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Take note that using paid ads not only saves time but also helps you reach the right audience on time. Hence, your conversion rates will definitely be higher. However, you should ensure that you provide quality over quantity. Providing quality content is key to building social loyalty between you and your audience.

Research shows that in the last year alone, social ad usage has drastically increased among B2B marketers from 65% to 80%. This proves that small businesses can get positive results within a short time by simply utilizing paid advertising opportunities.

The best thing that I love about paid ads is that you get bigger results with less content. You will save yourself a lot of time that you would have consumed crafting content for marketing.

2. Make the content easy to consume

Many businesses often make the mistake of creating friction for the content consumer. Creating easy to understand content for your consumers makes the marketing process superb.

Don’t risk losing your customers by using short-sighted metrics like click-through rates. Instead, ask yourself why are you writing the content? What’s the intent of your content? Is it to satisfy short-term goals or long-term goals?

“Sometimes you’ve got to ask yourself relevant questions in order to get realistic results.”

Joseph Ouko

Make it easier for your audience to engage with your content more often. In order to do this accurately, you should craft the content with the audience in mind – how would they consume your content?

Trust me; you will get valuable leads to your business the moment you decide to put more effort on improving the value of your content. And with that, I mean your audience should always come first.

Utilize paid social media ads to your advantage because they can help you send more clear posts for your audience. In addition, you will get a chance to address the right audience in need of your products or services.

Ensure that your consumers build a positive relationship with your social media posts by consistently providing them with high-quality content.

3. Demonstrate social proof

Your audience needs to confirm your credibility and it’s upon you to ensure there is sufficient social proof. You can easily earn respect from your audience by consistently implementing what you tell them to do. Also, you should focus on accomplishing as many small wins as possible because they add up at the end of the day.

Consider telling your consumers where your strengths and weaknesses come from. Be open to them and they will get attracted to your ideas. Show your human part because people like relating with others to find out if they undergo the same problems.

As an established eCommerce entrepreneur and coach, I have always advised my students to stop selling to people and talk to them instead. I have experienced massive success with this tactic and it is easy to master.

Don’t make the mistake of consistently pushing your products and services in the face of your audience. Trust me, if you keep on doing this, then you may risk losing potential customers.

Instead of constantly providing your audience with sales content, you should instead try and connect with them. Understand their problems and provide them with genuine solutions.

In Conclusion

As much as you contribute towards building your business or expanding your services, put your customers first. Yes, the customer is king. You may overlook the sentence as just mere words but this age-old maxim is still applicable today.

If a customer posts a negative review regarding one of your products and services, take your time to understand what went wrong and fix it immediately. And if a customer posts a positive review regarding your service or product, take your time and thank them.

When you do the above, then creating loyalty between you and your customers becomes easy. Your brand will also appear authentic and reliable for your consumers who won’t hesitate to do business with you.

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